New Alaia-Paipo Hybrid

Alaia Paipo Hybrid

  Last summer my alaia almosted replaced all the time that I used to spend on my paipo. The alaia was so fast and agile but I missed the float and paddling characteristics of the paipo. I was talking to Austin about how I would like to combine all the positive characteristics of both. What […]

Igor’s Handywork

Igor's Handywork

  I just wanted to post up some of our buddy Igor’s work. This was a lowrider influenced board with the Mother of Guadalupe portrait and pinstripes. You can check out more of Igor’s work at

New Shop Truck

Austin Surfboards Shop Truck

Our new shop truck is complete! We picked this beauty up a few months ago and it was a wreck. After a lot of sanding/body work and some engine work this is what she looks like now! We can’t wait for summer to cruise around with all the doors open.

Hustle and Bustle

Hustle and Bustle

  Sorry for the lack of blog updates. We are steadily rolling into the New Year with quite a workload. Over the next 3 months we will be building between 40-60 stock boards for the surf shop. So be on the lookout for some creative resin work and some real stunners!

Project Kookbox

Project Kookbox

  Here is a shot with the top decking on and the bottom being prepped for decking.  The rail boards had to be planed at an angle to match the curve of the bottom for the decking to sit flat so it can be screwed into place.  We were wondering why Thomas Blake had to […]